JAMES COMEY: No Charges For Hillary– Here’s Why YOU Should Be Glad

Published on November 8, 2016

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

Friends and you supporters of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, too:

Do Not Be Disheartened at FBI Director Comey’s, 11/06 announcement that once again, he concludes that there is no evidence meriting an indictment at this time as applies to the Clinton email scandal. I gave thanks to God even though, as an American Veteran, I abhor her deliberate exposure of State secrets of the United States to facilitate cover up of what appears to be a massive organized “pay to play” scheme. Yes, I am not angry but rather thankful. Why, you ask?

I am not a lawyer but am certain that no one can be pardoned for a crime of the future. No one person; not Hillary, Bill or Chelsey Clinton, David Kendall, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Robby Mook, Sidney Blumenthal, and so many others including Hillary’s maid and Huma’s husband Anthony Weiner has been charged with any of the many possible crimes being exposed. The actual list both of both crimes and players is massive and growing and I say that not one person should be charged; YET!!! I am hoping there will be no indictments or charges in any form, about any crimes for the time being.

Obama cannot pardon for crimes not yet actually charged. The proof is that he cannot pardon his yet unborn grandchildren for an adult crime only imagined many years hence.

If charged, there then is the probability that Obama could and would grant each one a full pardon. Like Bill Clinton’s pardon of Mark Rich on his last day in office, all is forgiven and though the people may object, Obama can give the one fingered salute to We the People as he walks out the door of the White House.

Oh. what to do? Vote for a change of everyone that you even suspect of ignoring the principles that law and justice are to be embraced equally for all. Without an indictment, trial or Presidential Pardon, it can all be revisited as soon as we have a new President and Attorney General. Should Trump prevail and become President in January, the potential of indictments against one and all, separately or collectively under RICO will surely be a priority.

Again I am glad that FBI Director Comey has delayed charges. Perhaps at personal risk he is thinking ahead. The result is that Obama cannot pardon any one of them, certainly not for a crime not yet charged. Put on Comey’s shoes for a moment. Maybe, just maybe, he has done this country a great favor. We’ve yet to see but will know almost immediately after a new President is sworn into office in January 2017 and an honorable new Attorney General is seated. That is not too long to finally await that law and justice have returned to our country.

[Editor: Les Weaver posts the following update:

As I said in my article:

James Comey; No Charges For Hillary – Here’s Why YOU Should Be Glad.
Posted by ClashDaily on 11/08/16: “I am not a lawyer”

I apparently was in error and unlike Obama, Clinton and most other politicians will admit so; “I stand corrected”..

Following is a reply posted in the comments area below the article:

My real sin is wishful thinking.
It is possible that every one of the Clinton Family Crime Syndicate may get off the hook.
My only hope is that Obama gets writers cramp signing all the pardons for each and every listed crime possibility. And by pardoning, it seems there would be admission that crimes had in fact been committed.


Can Obama pardon people not yet even charged with a crime?

Yes he can!!!

Presidential Pardons
In 1866, the Supreme Court ruled in Ex parte Garland that the pardon power “extends to every offence known to the law, and may be exercised at any time after its commission, either before legal proceedings are taken, or during their pendency, or after conviction and judgment.” (In that case, a former Confederate senator successfully petitioned the court to uphold a pardon that prevented him from being disbarred.) Generally speaking, once an act has been committed, the president can issue a pardon at any time—regardless of whether charges have even been filed.

photo credit: CSIS: Center for Strategic & International Studies IMG_8872 via photopin (license)

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