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PROGRESSIVES: Claim ‘You Didn’t Build That’, But Will Take The Credit

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

While reducing the email library of my writings, I ran across one that is close to my heart and in need of being edited and re-issued. It was in the shades of Al Gore claiming he had invented the internet. And let us recall the Democratic claim from Obama on down; “You didn’t build that…., (This theme also sponsored by Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, and others). I guess that disparaging and taking credit for the accomplishments of others is part of many politicians’

On or about 09/19/13, Obama regurgitated that he should be awarded a Gold Medal from the Boeing Co. as top salesman. I archived the link to the article. Now three years later, being a retiree from two aero-space giants, (one of them Boeing), I continue to seethe at the pompous arrogance of Obama and his supporters. Unfortunately, that part of his personal attributes has permeated the very souls of too many others in government. We, the working bees, are just trash to be exploited by elitist politicians.

I re-issue a slightly revised letter that I distributed three years ago. Let us not allow the political elite class to continue the rape of We the People of the credit for what we invent and or build in the factories under the name of such industrial wonders as Boeing, (and others).

I present a brief, confirmable history that displays that once again, (or continuing) that Obama is a self-elevated liar.
1. In the mid-1950s, Bill Allen, CEO & Chairman of Boeing risked more that the total worth of the Boeing Co. to covertly design and build a prototype jet liner, the Model 367-80, the first American flying jet-liner. This was the yellow and brown predecessor to the 707 family that has since been restored by and at the expense of Boeing and donated to the Smithsonian.
2. In late 1956, after my military service and while attending college, I was hired at Boeing Commercial Division, Renton, WA where as a small nail in a massive keg, I worked on the KC-135 and even the first Pan Am 707 before first delivery.
3. In 1959 into 1962 I was transferred into Boeing’s Commercial Preliminary Design, Commercial Sales support. I reported to and supported a Mr. Harley Thorson, a true commercial aircraft salesman. His boss was Maynard Pennell, Chief of Commercial Preliminary Design. Bill Allen, Maynard, Harley and yes, even I spent many all-night sessions preparing tailored specifications for particular airlines sales offers on the 707 and 720 family, always with the prayer that Boeing would beat the jet competition; (Convair 880, Douglas DC-8, Lockheed L-188 and the Sud Caravel and by that, Boeing would survive the gamble on the dash 80.
4. Obama’s claim, even joking, does not consider the true value in equivalent dollars that these forerunners sold. They did not spend their leisure time on the golf course because they had no leisure time. They did not take credit for the efforts of others.
5. Bill Allen, Maynard and Harley continued by creating and marketing the first 727, 737 and 747 models and I moved into structure design on the 727 and later the 747; (thousands of airplanes). I never recall Obama then and for good reason.
6. Note that when the largest sales were made, Obama, was not yet even a wet dream!

I deeply resent that once again, the Narcissist in the White House promoted that success of the largest consistent exporter in dollars is because of him. Let us consider his true accomplishments such as the credit he demands for green energy, GM, Chrysler, job growth, un-employment improvement, personal income rises, envied GNP, Obama-care and so many other failures all at the expense of an additional 10 trillion-dollar debt.

BULLS**T is the appropriate label for his claim for Boeing’s or any other successes!

And, that B. S. extends to those that support his lies. If he was a true leader, he would give the real credit where due.

Additionally, if our Congress would revert to honor, honesty integrity and truth, they would recognize Obama for his true worth, ZERO, and by that cease drinking his Kool-Aid!

I fear that the Progressives will re-write history to elevate Obama as having saved our country rather than expose the truth that he has nearly destroyed it. And of course that re-write will blame We the People for each and every failure or set back. But this too he may promote as an education success for our children to read in school.

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Barack Obama via photopin (license)

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