LIBERALS Beg For An Ivanka Brand BOYCOTT – This Major Retailer Is Sticking With Her

Liberal bullies don’t understand a boycott. This store is schooling them.

ClashDaily already reported the ‘#GrabYourWallet’ boycott of all Trump-related products, including Ivanka’s successful fashion line which includes clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry.

One more time with feeling…

A boycott means if you don’t like it you don’t buy it.

It doesn’t mean that you call for the stores to stop carrying items you find offensive. If you don’t like it, boycott the store. Don’t shop there.

If sales are down for a brand, they may choose to no longer carry those items.


Nordstrom isn’t caving to the pressure of the trolling Liberals:

Customers are calling for a boycott of Nordstrom following the retailer’s refusal to ditch Ivanka Trump’s brand.

Nordstrom’s social media pages have been flooded with shoppers threatening to boycott the retailer if it does not stop selling the president-elect’s daughter’s shoe, clothing, and handbag lines.

“When I worked for this company, you were not afraid to take a stand on supporting the rights of the LBGT community. It made me proud to be called one of your team,” one comment on Nordstrom’s Facebook page reads. “I went home and bragged about it to all my family. Now I will no longer shop at your stores. By continuing to sell Ivanka Trump’s brand you are making a stand. You are saying YES to sexism, racism and bigotry.”…

Here are the angry liberals:

Nordstrom’s President, Pete Nordstrom, drops the mic:

…”We strive to be agnostic about politics and to treat all our customers with respect,” Nordstrom wrote in the email. “Every single brand we offer is evaluated on their results — if people don’t buy it, we won’t sell it.”

Nordstrom, the company, declined to comment beyond saying that its president’s email “really speaks for itself.”
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If Ivanka’s line wasn’t selling, they wouldn’t carry it.

Maybe all the ‘Deplorables’ are heading to Nordstrom to pick up items from Ivanka’s line.

Check out this link for a handy go-to guide on all the stores that are being boycotted by the #GrabYourWallet lefties.

You can do your Christmas shopping at THOSE stores.

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