LMAO: Pro-Castro Kaepernick Gets BOOED & Then DESTROYED By The Dolphins

Published on November 28, 2016

Colin picked the wrong week to remind us all what a moron he is. He wore a pro-Fidel shirt, and praised the dictator days before Castro died.

The shirt praised both Fidel Castro and Malcolm X.

Maybe that explains why Kaepernick didn’t vote this year! There were no ruthless dictators running labor camps on the ballot.

Fidel died this week. And there was much rejoicing.

And Colin Kaepernick played… in Miami. You may have seen the celebrating in the streets when Castro was pronounced dead.

So, yeah, you know THIS is going to get good. Here are the BOOS Colin received from fans in Miami.


As you can imagine, Miami’s large community of Cubans living in exile have strong feelings about Castro. And … obviously, anyone supporting him.

That makes the end of the game that much more poetic:

Who shut you down? An immigrant who fled Cuba, and the man you just praised. One fan put it this way.


Poetic justice usually takes longer than this.

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