QUESTION: Should Trump WHIZ On Obama’s LOVE FEST With Cuba If THIS Doesn’t Happen?

Published on November 28, 2016

POTUS used to be called ‘Leader of the Free World’ – Emphasis on FREE. Might Trump be a President who takes that role seriously?

Won’t that be a welcome change?

Obama wanted to cozy up to Cuba. Because fundamental change… legacy… peace prize… or something. It might even be because it was the USSR’s only satellite state in the Western Hemisphere… and as such, Comrade Obama felt a little ‘camaraderie’ with them.

Now Trump can come in and do his own ‘reset’. Undoing the damage Obama did to American and its policies both foreign and domestic.

The people of Cuba are suffering. Where are the $15-an-hour protesters to advocate for them? They would be lucky to get $15 a day.

Even when Western businesses try to do right by their Cuban employees, the Government is there to take their money. (See more, here.)

Political prisoners are still a problem there.

So… Obama wanted to give away the store just to normalize relations. (This is how Fidel managed to have his Net Worth climb to $900 Million.) Trump is adding strings to that.

Here’s the deal for Raul Castro, or for whoever steps up in his place:

If you plan to keep treating your people like crap, don’t go looking for access to the American markets.

Share if THAT’s the way American leaders should talk to tyrants.