LOOK Who George W. Bush Voted For…

Well, Dubya. Thanks for nothing.

What did we have? We had a clear choice between two candidates.

One pledged to be a wrecking ball busting up the old boys’ clubs in the halls of power.

The other was caught rigging the elections IN HER OWN PARTY’S PRIMARIES. She has NO regard for the RULE of LAW.

When faced with that choice?

Here’s what he decided to do with that vote.

What’s the matter, Dubya? Are members of your own family too close to the center of this wealth-through-politics racket? Burning it down doesn’t appeal to you?

The Atlantic gave a handy checklist of which prominent Republicans supported, opposed or abstained in the Presidential vote. Some of the choices may have shifted in final days of the race with the FBI revelations, but it does give a sense of who stands where.

Abstentions or oppositions. Did they accomplish anything? Sway the conservative voter?

No, they didn’t to anything more to shape the decisions of the nation than they did to put set the nation down the path of true, principled conservativism.

He voted a ‘blank’. Which… strangely reflects the ‘conservative’ principles he drew from on his Domestic Policy side.

Share if that’s exactly why the GOP ‘elite’ are basically irrelevant.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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