Published on November 9, 2016

With the options of ‘prosecute’ or ‘pardon’ in front of him, which is Trump’s better option?

Donald Trump said at a debate last month that he would appoint a special prosecutor to examine Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state and remarked that she would “be in jail” if he were president.

In about two months, he’ll have the power to potentially make that a reality.

He wouldn’t, of course, be able to snap his fingers and throw his political rival behind bars. He would have to order his attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor, then count on that special prosecutor to agree with his assessment that Clinton’s email practices violated criminal laws about mishandling classified information. And even if he did all that and Clinton was charged, she would still be afforded a trial, and Trump’s special prosecutor would have to contend with evidence that led the original team of federal investigators to conclude there was not sufficient basis to believe a crime occurred.

Getting that process started, though, would not seem that difficult. Trump gets to pick and appoint the attorney general. — Washington Post

Should he kick her to the curb and finally remove the political shielding she has spent a political lifetime hiding behind?

Should he take the high road and pardon her, which would give him YUGE political capital and shut the mouths of the array of obstructionists that profit from a divided America and would stand in the way of Trump’s policy.

Restore faith in the Rule of Law — that even Political people pay a price?

Leave her in political exile and use the public good will (including that of the minorities that still love her) to energize the plans Trump has to MAGA.

Tough call. Each has a certain logic to it. The emotional satisfaction of justice being served, vs. the dumbstruck look on the other side’s faces when our side is more gracious they could even imagine being… proving he’s NOT the bogeyman they’ve always claimed.

Which one would YOU go for? (You can even tell us why in the comments.)

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