Nugent Grabs CROTCH At Trump Rally – Pearl Clutching Libs LOSE Their Minds

Published on November 7, 2016

And THIS, Class, is a lesson in double-standards. ‘Uncle Ted’ has the Left raging about things they usually cheer on.

Here’s the Left’s hand-wringing when a Trump supporter uses ‘salty’ language. Or an ‘obscene’ gesture.

Ted Nugent groped himself onstage Sunday while warming up a crowd in Michigan for Donald Trump.

“I’ve got your blue state right here,” Nugent said as he grabbed his crotch. “Black and blue.”

The vulgar visual display came while the outspoken rocker insisted the “real Michigan” was a conservative state and should not be a member of the Democratic electoral firewall.

Nugent laced his introduction of Trump with profanity, saying Michigan had “the hardest working s—kickers mankind has ever known.”

The poor sap doesn’t even know the difference between a ‘grope’ and a ‘taunt’. How you found your way to adulthood without knowing the difference astonishes the rest of us. But this, Mr. Oliver Darcy, is a taunt.

You will recognize it from other ‘noble’ figures you admire. Like Anderson Cooper who desparagingly spoke of an entire political movement with which he disagreed (Tea Party) with an vulgar sexual term (tea-bagging). If you look it up, make sure your safe search filters are ‘on’. Even your precious OBAMA thought nothing of invoking that derogatory term.

You offhandedly mentioned in your article that it was an ‘odd turn of events’ because ‘Trump has criticized Hillary Clinton for a Jay Z concert in which the rapper repeatedly used profanity.’

No.. get it right. He said, in effect, that [TRUMP] would have his head on a pike for saying exactly the same words that are casually tossed around onstage at a Hillary rally. We KNOW this to be true… EMPIRICALLY … if you just look back at headlines for the last month.

Pay particular attention to Hillary’s emphasis on who Trump might or might not have called what name as recently as twenty years ago.

We’ve got THIS ‘class act’ knocking on doors for Hillary:

Here she is again:
(and for the benefit of Darcy, THIS is groping)


Here’s another one:


Again, Mr Darcy, the actual groping is the photo on the left.


You can’t have it both ways.

There can be LEWD, sexualized crotch grabs (pictured above) and we see the taunting crotch grab, that — despite context — is no more a sexual ‘invitation’ than the ‘infamous digit’ presented in hostility.

And then, there are infamous Hillary supporters who are just tacky and gross. Hi Lena! Looking at you!


(Translated, for Mr. Darcy’s benefit the ‘infamous digit’ is ‘flipping the middle finger’. If you’re still having trouble, you can try googling it. Or visit urban dictionary.)

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