WATCH: Look At The LAME ASS Crowd JayZ & Beyonce Drew For HILLARY!

Published on November 7, 2016

Ha! So embarrassing! And the event was free? Don’t Democrats still LIKE free stuff?

The concert event of the… empty stadium.

You could have fit this ‘concert’ in a school gym. In a small rural town. We’ve got some of the sad footage here for you.

By the way… considering this was SPECIFICALLY an ‘I’m With Her’ rally, the song selection this ‘very’ pro-Woman and anti-misogynist Candidate used as a warm-up for her speech seems a little … strange.

Keep in mind, when Nugent grabbed his crotch in a concert, that was a ‘bad thing’. Headline-grabbing ‘bad thing’.

For an apples-to-apples comparison, these guys use ‘bad words’ too. They are just used a little … differently … then Ted uses his. See for yourself

(Language warning on what follows, since we are directly quoting a Hillary concert):


The line he was singing at that point, in its proper context went like this. From the 2:10 mark if you want to verify for yourself.

Out-of-touch-with-reality-hoes Out in Hollywood bringing back 5 or 6 hoes f**k them then we kick them to the do’ N****r you know how it go

Shocking to the core, right Mrs Obama? Right Hillary?

What about the song singing ‘You little, you little dumbass bitch’… is that ok?

Hillary does not find this shocking. Here’s why.
No, these are her kind of people. These rappers use women for sex and discard them.

Hillary uses them for power. No wonder they get along so well.

And right after that, Beyonce talks about how wonderful it will be to see a woman lead the country.

Which is it Bey? Please clarify? Are women leaders, or objects on which men should vent their lusts and discard when finished? You guys are sending mixed messages.

The 4:35 mark with politicking with pushers and the pimps actually comes pretty close to telling the truth… although mentioning that anybody could be a killer probably won’t help Hillary with the undecides who still have reservations with her handling of Benghazi.

Looking at this ridiculous mess of a ‘concert’ / political event, it’s not hard to see why nobody showed up.

It really …. REALLY …

sucked as a show.

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