OH, CANADA: Immigration Website CRASHES As Frantic DEMS Prepare For #TREXIT

As the results rolled in, panic swept the ‘I’m with her’ crowd’.

They thought Hillary had it all locked up. That their slow march to Socialism would kick it up a notch.

And then, to their collective horror…

…The PEOPLE had THEIR say.

The ‘Deplorables’ painted the nation red.

They started scrambling to work out their Plan B.

And THIS happened.

For SOME reason, as the results came in, the servers for the Canadian immigration website crashed on election night.

As of 9 AM Eastern on November 9, the Canadian Immigration website is still down.

And they were still not working as of 9 am the next morning.


Why are you running away, cowards? They voted this way because YOU idiots overplayed your hand and managed to piss off a lot of people who would rather just watch the game than care about which moron in Washington is trying to micromanage their lives.

YOU pushed the people who would rather not get involved one too many times.

And now… you got spanked for it.

Deal with it.

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