QUESTION: Are You MORE Thankful Michelle’s Leaving The White House Or That Hillary Lost The Election?

Published on November 24, 2016

As you gather around the table this Thanksgiving here is a question to help you fully appreciate the significance of the day.

The White House Staff this Thanksgiving:

It’s a little hard to decide which of these two things we should be thankful for.

We really are glad to be watching Michelle vacate the White House. Although, we will be averting our eyes as she takes that last walk through the door. Because… well…


…yeah. There’s that.

It will be refreshing not having someone rant about living in a house built by slaves every time someone turns a camera her way… not having some chunky woman with her own personal chef tell us to make better food choices… and , of course, not having to pay for lavish 5-star vacations for someone ashamed to call herself American for most of her adult life when the price tag of her husband’s policies have made many families have to scale back or even scrap their own family vacations.

We applaud her departure from the White House. And Thank God the day approaches quickly.

But this is NOT the ONLY thing we have to be grateful for on this fine day.

We can also thank God about who ISN’T loading a Yellow Ryder Truck (like the ones used for shipping AlGore’s ‘bonus’ ballots back in 2000) moving her furniture, servers, and medical supplies to 1600 Pennsylvania.

We can thank God that she’s not redecorating the Presidential bedroom with something like this:


The pressures of office tend to age people quickly. We’re glad we won’t have to watch her turn into this:


We’re grateful not to endure a daily update on whether or not Hillary has survived her latest coughing fit, and won’t need to practice saying ‘President Kaine’.

Or have some Saudi Princeling announced as a ‘personal advisor’ to the President.

There is a LOT to be grateful for, one and all.

Hearth and home. Kith and Kin. And that bullet we just dodged on the 8th of November.

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