THE RABID LEFT: Are The Anti-Trump Liberals REALLY That STUPID?

Written by Sylvia Andrews on November 24, 2016

How far will the left go to divide the United States? Good question, since the actions and ridiculous behavior exhibited by the liberal loonies have been that of irrational, disturbed individuals. They just couldn’t understand the election of Donald Trump as President-Elect so they have resorted to some of the wildest, most childish actions ever seen. Many have just had too much of the Democrat party Kool-Aid, believe every piece of garbage that comes out of the mainstream media, have lost all common sense and do not even know of honor and love of country. In addition, many who are vehemently protesting the election of Donald Trump, have not even voted.

Our schools, from elementary through college, have poisoned the young minds with the Saul Alinsky Communist philosophy, while rewriting our country’s history. They push teaching of Islam as they denigrate Christianity and Judaism. There are no discussions with conflicting ideas and philosophies. Instead, the student is fed a bunch of left-wing nonsense which they are expected to swallow and regurgitate at the proper time. The little flowers are then taught to be offended, upset, and emotionally distraught by everything and anything that their Commie teachers and professors tell them to be upset about. There is no questioning, investigating, or dissention.

How sad that we are witnessing the growth of a generation of young people who are essentially robots for the left. This shows up in the left’s arrogance, pettiness, stupidity, and their love of lying. Instead of accepting the democratic process and the results of the election, these millennial spoiled pussycats are holding cry-ins because they don’t like the results of the election. The little flowers are in a dither and are being encouraged by the faculty, the Democrat party, and our current President Barack Obama.

Then we have those who don’t want to just protest. This bunch wants to destroy property, hurt and kill those with whom they disagree, chant hateful messages and disrupt the lives of other Americans. They have a hatred for the police and for this country. Many of these are the thugs being financed by, and bused in from all over, by none other than George Soros. He is the evil billionaire who is trying to take down America. These people are committing felonies and perhaps treason, and should be arrested.

The mainstream media can’t get over the election and is still lying, giving out false information, and trashing our new President-Elect. They have caused the death of competent journalism and anybody who hasn’t been contaminated by their absurd liberal agenda doesn’t pay attention to them anymore. They need to straighten up and fly right or get out of the business.

The degree of pettiness by the left constantly amazes me. There are many examples of this including the following…one liberal nincompoop stated that Donald Trump is defying the Constitution because he will not take a salary, only a dollar a year; Michelle’s designer vows to never dress Melania Trump and encourages other designers to do the same; retailers who drop products with the Trump name; Pepsico CEO, Indra Nooyi, has implied that Donald Trump’s supporters, which includes more than 60 million Americans, were all scary, violent, bigoted, misogynists. Well, no Pepsi for me from now on.

Then there’s Shannon Coulter from San Francisco, who started a campaign called #GrabYourWallet to boycott Trump-related products. San Francisco public schools may be teaching kids to hate Donald Trump. There is a classroom lesson plan that is being pushed and it calls our country’s President-Elect a racist, sexist man who became President by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base. These are but a few of the bizarre actions from the left.

Where did all this divisiveness and hate come from? Eight years of an administration which has brought about racial division, a lousy economy, a horrible healthcare system, has encouraged hate for America, pandered to Muslims, a Democrat party and mainstream media which uses lies and deceit to attain their goals, a loss of civility, a breakdown of American traditions and Judeo-Christian ideology, and introduction of a Communist ideology. Now it is time to unload all of this crap and give Donald Trump a chance to do it.

The left is in such a frenzy because Trump is our President-Elect they say that they are now trying to change the results of the election by threatening and harassing electoral college electors. They are contacting electors and telling them to change their votes from Trump to Clinton. Some of the electors have even received death threats.

The left claims that Hillary won the popular vote. Really? Not if you consider that three million illegals voted for Hillary. Actually, it looks like Trump won the popular vote.

How far will the left go to divide the United States? Obviously, in their stupid, fantasy world of a Socialist/Muslim, super-friendly, anti-Christian-and-Judaism state of mind, they will do everything and anything to divide the country, and regain power. We must fight them and defeat them and their ideology. By doing this we can help Donald Trump make America great again.

photo credit: mathiaswasik March against Trump, New York City via photopin (license)

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Sylvia Andrews
Sylvia Andrews has a Masters Degree in nursing, and has practiced for many years. She is politically active, holds strong opinions about how and where the country should be headed. A well-travelled person, she’s been to almost all 50 states and several foreign countries. She advocates for the Constitution and very much for the 2nd Amendment. She can be contacted at