REMEMBERING OUR MARINE CORPS, Saluting All Our Veterans on Veterans Day, 2016

Published on November 11, 2016

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

Friends and fellow veterans,

This week, we celebrate 241 years that the USMC has been at the forefront to protect our nation.

Also today, November 11 is Veterans day when we salute all of those that have given and pledged the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country.

But let us not forget those other uniformed persons that every day place their life on the line to protect us; our Sheriffs and Police.

I recall the too many citizens that displayed disdain toward our returning military from Korea, Vietnam and other assignments.

I particularly recall Jane Fonda and John Kerry.

Every day we witness that the public disdain has begun to spread to the citizen’s first line of defense, our Sheriff’s and Police.

Today, I for one salute them all.

If you value our country, each of you should do the same.

photo credit: Official U.S. Air Force Veterans Day parade via photopin (license)

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