SHOCKER: Paul Ryan Casts Early Vote – Look WHO For!

Published on November 1, 2016

Paul Ryan has REFUSED to support Donald Trump. Ryan reveals who it was that he voted for.

ClashDaily has reported that Paul Ryan’s wife is a Progressive.

So, who did Ryan vote for?

Ryan tells FOX News:

“I stand where I’ve stood all fall and all summer,” Ryan said on Fox News. “In fact, I already voted here in Janesville for our nominee last week in early voting. We need to support our entire Republican ticket.”

“I am supporting our entire Republican ticket. I have been all along,” Ryan added. “My focus right now is saving our House majority. I’m going to Indiana, Michigan, New York and Virginia today to fight for House Republicans to make sure we keep this majority, but we’ve got to win the tables.”

But Ryan seemed to make a point of not saying Trump’s name…
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That’s got to be a bitter pill for Ryan.

He probably felt like this right after voting:

Hey, #NeverTrumpers! Whatcha gonna do?

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