DEAR HILLARY: Trump Now Leads In ABC Poll, The SAME Poll You Had A 12pt Lead Last Week

Published on November 1, 2016

That Birthday Present from FBI Director Comey wasn’t what you wished for. And he didn’t even give you a gift receipt. How inconsiderate.

Now you have a bunch of unwanted presents — polls.

John Cardillo, ClashDaily contributor says:

Trump now +1 in @ABC poll. You know, the one where Hillary was +12 last week. The one weighted to keep her +5.
Hillary lost 13 points in days.

You cannot recover from this kind of down trend a week before the election.

Has the investigation into Hillary’s email in the home stretch of the election turned off Democrats?

This ‘enthusiasm’ poll says yes.


When asked how enthusiastic voters were about their candidate, Clinton fares much worse. On Oct. 22, 52 percent of Clinton supporters were enthusiastic about their candidate compared to 49 percent of Trump supporters. Now, 53 percent of Trump supporters are enthusiastic and only 45 percent of Clinton voters feel that way.
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Even Barry is bailing on Hillary.

It’s like watching rats bailing on a sinking ship.

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