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News Clash

TRUMP APPEAL: Ford Motor Co. BOWS To Trump – Liberal SNOWFLAKES In Mourning

This is EXACTLY why Michael Moore understood that Trump was going to be the next President. The economy, stupid.

Or to quote Joe Biden, it’s all about that three letter word… ‘j-o-b-s’.

You will remember that just a couple of months ago, Trump publicly called out Ford for their plans about moving one of their plants to Mexico.

Now, a week after the 45th President has been elected, and LONG before he even takes office, Ford has made an announcement.

Did Trump have anything to do with it? Was it something that was ‘just going to happen anyway’ or that Obama can take credit for?

Because you know the media will be desperate for any way to keep Trump from getting credit, right?

So, then, they won’t like THIS tweet:

However much the paid protesters in Portland might say otherwise, this is the reason, as Micael Moore warned his Leftist buddies, that Fly-Over Country gave Clinton (and by extension, Obama) the BIGGEST F-YOU in human history.

A little embarrassing, considering Biden was bragging about jobs… the same jobs that were on their way out the door under Obama, but were just now stopped when Ford saw a change of leadership.


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