WATCH: Anonymous Releases ‘Who Is HUMA ABEDIN Video’ And It’s BRUTAL (MUST SEE)

Published on November 1, 2016

What do we REALLY know about Huma? You won’t see THIS on CNN…


ClashDaily has reported that Huma worked for both her family’s radical Islamic journal and Hillary at the same time.

The pro-Sharia Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs was anti-Semitic, suggesting that Jews ‘worked the system’ and used the memory of the Holocaust to their advantage.

Huma’s father was also just a wee bit controversial. She left the U.S. when she was 2 to live with him in Saudi Arabia until she was 18.

The connections to the Muslim World League is disturbing in itself, but knowing that Huma was so close to the Secretary of State is truly frightening.

It looks like the same people that funded the 9/11 attacks also funded her family business.

Huma has had access to Hillary’s email and other classified documents.

WikiLeaks released this email exchange from Jake Sullivan, State Department advisor to Hillary:


It’s hard to read, so here is a closer image:


Is Hillary going to denounce Huma as trying to influence the U.S. politics?

Hillary and her camp have refused to answer any questions about WikiLeaks because they claim that the Russians had hacked Podesta emails.

Huma has really disturbing connections, and also appears to be ‘extremely careless’ with her email.

She has not denounced the radical views of the journal that she edited, and that her mother and brother still work for.

How did Huma Abedin get security clearance?

Extreme vetting doesn’t sound so crazy, does it?

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