WATCH: Bill Clinton SPACES OUT … Chews On His TONGUE At Rally

Published on November 8, 2016

Bill’s doctor might want to review his meds. He’s acting a little…. dopey.

Something is a little ‘off’ with Bill Clinton. Let’s hope it’s something as simple and correctable as his meds. (Or maybe his ‘meds’… the kind he ‘didn’t inhale’).

You probably saw the clip where even the 420 people were guessing Bill was stoned.

Oops. That was the clip of Podesta worried about a contrast between Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby.

This is the ‘stoned’ one.

And here he is at the rally:

Yeah, Chelsea. He looks so excited.

As thrilled as this guy:


But… chewing on his tongue?

That’s just weird. Even for Bill.

Maybe he has an underlying medical condition?

(Not that anyone would ever report it if he did.)

A side effect from medication?

Whew! Those are some pretty heavy-duty drugs!

(DISCLAIMER: This is all speculation, folks, don’t get too excited!)

It is strange, though.

Bill looks pretty messed up, and he’s been making some flubs on the campaign trail.

Do you remember way back in July, at the DNC, Bill the little girl and the balloon?

Balloons made Bill so very, very happy!

It’s exciting that Hillary might become President, but Chelsea needs to put it in perspective for Bill… if she wins, there will be lots more balloons!

That’ll get him excited.

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