WATCH: Famous Black Comedian PRAISES Trump On SNL – The Crowd’s REACTION Will SHOCK You

Published on November 13, 2016

Nobody quite knew what to expect with him hosting SNL the week after Trump took the election. Short answer? He rocked it!

It’s a good thing they chose him. Can you imagine what a lame show it would have been if one of the Hillary Surrogates were hosting?

There’d be no laughing. Just rage and tears. It would be a gripe fest. Chapelle is better than that. He brought a little something for everyone.

There was a whole year of news he could draw on for material. And he used it. Some of it was lighthearted. Some more serious.

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Harambe even made an appearance. White rioters in Portland. Omarosa. Even Obama took a couple of gentle digs.

Like many great comics, he poked fun at himself, too. It was a really good, intelligent opening monolog. A nice change of pace for SNL, to be sure.

But the thoughts he closed with? The ones about Trump? It’s exactly the sort of positive message our fractured nation so desperately needs.

And would you believe, the crowd actually cheered? Unreal.

This IS still ‘Live from New York…’ isn’t it?

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