AIDS Infected, Charlie Sheen, Asks God To KILL Trump – Brace For KARMA, Charlie!

The disgraced actor tweeted a ‘prayer’ after the report of the recent death of Carrie Fisher. As with many things that Charlie Sheen does, it’s DISGUSTING.

The Liberal meltdown wouldn’t be complete without an unhinged, washed-up, drug-addicted celebrity throwing his two-cents in.

Cue Charlie Sheen:


This is so unbelievably mean-spirited and frankly, just plain tacky after the untimely death of Carrie Fisher.

Remember how batshit crazy this guy is:

And that he was not just an attention-whore, but an actual one, too.

He didn’t tell the women he was having unprotected sex with that he is HIV positive.

Charlie Sheen is a:



Sex addict


HIV positive



It’s probably not a great idea to be wishing for Trump’s death.

Not when the clock is ticking with Charlie’s own behavior.

Charlie, remember, George Michael died, too.

And Karma’s a bigger Bitch than Hillary!

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