WATCH: Scumbags Scam $70M In Food Stamp FRAUD – How Should They Be PUNISHED?

UPDATE May 16, 2017 — Broken YouTube video link.

Here is a bit about Cecilia Velasquez:

What should we do to these scumbags that scam the Food Stamp program?

Check out the FOX News Report:

Did you catch that?

Arizona State Rep. Cecilia Velasquez pleads guilty for committing fraud and receiving benefits from the Food Stamp program.

An Ohio millionaire descended from Iranian royalty was accused of Food Stamp and Medicare Fraud.

This is the problem when the government hands stuff out. Some people that don’t need it just use it for their own personal gain.

After a quick search, ClashDaily found reports of quite a few Food Stamp scam rings are all over the US.

Cleveland, Ohio

Brushton, New York

Miami, Florida

Baltimore, Maryland


Polk County, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida

How should these people be punished?

– Make them pay back 10 (or 100) times what they stole
– Prison for a loooooong time
– Volunteer at a homeless shelter to understand what need looks like
– Waterboarding

What do you think we should do with these reverse Robin Hoods that were milking the system to pad their own pockets?

Let us know in the comments.

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