BOOM: Kasich’s Statement STUNS Anti-Trump ‘Hamilton Electors’ Movement

Published on December 7, 2016

The ‘Hamilton Electors’ want to make Kasich President instead of Trump. Kasich has given them an answer.

Nobody was quite sure where Kasich stood with the results of the election. He stubbornly stayed in the Primaries so embarrassingly long that we all wanted to play this for him:

He wasn’t a big fan of Trump even AFTER he won the party’s nomination. The man reportedly wrote in McCain on his ballot. (Sorry, Mitt).

So when a few eccentrics desperately grasping at straws to have someone… anyone… NOT named Trump as President stumbled on a faint hope — in the form of the Electoral College — They thought this would be a perfect solution.

Get the majority of the College to change their votes to Kasich. And… Presto!

No more Trump!

They probably should have asked Kasich first. He’s made an announcement on the topic.

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