CASHING IN: Sad Hillary Supporters And Scalpers Selling Seats For Inauguration For MAJOR Cash…

Written by K. Walker on December 22, 2016

What are butt-hurt Hillary supporters who requested tickets to what they THOUGHT was going be her Inaugruation? Scalping them… for a LOT of money.

Scalpers and disappointed Hillary Clinton supporters are trying to offload their tickets to President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration for big money – even though the tickets are doled out by congressional offices for free.

The Hill Newspaper’s Judy Kurtz found a number of instances of tickets for sale on sites like eBay, Craigslist and, even though ‘tickets to view the swearing in of our next president are meant to be free, and it should remain that way,’ stated Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural

Ceremonies spokeswoman Laura Condeluci.

Sellers may receive scorn from government officials, but ticket selling for the inaugural is not illegal.

‘Well our gal didn’t win,’ read one Craigslist listing, clearly referring to Clinton, the nation’s only female major party presidential nominee. ‘So now I have 2 tickets available for the swearing in ceremony on Friday, Jan 20th.’

‘However, I do want someone to enjoy the experience for their candidate,’ continued the ad, which was discovered by the Hill newspaper and posted this week. ‘We assume the tickets to be standing room in the North, South, or West area of the capital.’

‘Great locations,’ it added.

‘They may even end up even being closer,’ it said. ‘Unfortunately we [cannot] confirm exact location until we receive the tickets on Jan 17th. Please send your best offer,’ the ad concluded.

Other ads included a starting price point, including an eBay post that offered a pair of Trump inaugural tickets with an opening bid of $1,200.

‘The tickets will grant you access to “The Mall” standing area at the least,’ the seller said, according to The Hill. ‘We won’t have the exact location of the tickets until Jan. 19, but you will have access to “the Mall” at the least. Should the unlikely event occur that the location is upgraded, then the upgrade will be passed onto you.’

On, one seller advertised a ticket on the West Front of the Capitol, a great location, for $14,700. Other sellers were asking for $6,900. Even a standing-room only ticket was going for $2,000.
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Would you expect any less from the Left?

They’re looking to make a quick fortune on what they got for free.

From the people that have jobs.

Color me not surprised.


There is a teeny bit of a silver lining, though.

It’s ironic that these socialists are learning about the free-market now that the election is over.

Perhaps with the new understanding of supply and demand they will reelect President Trump!

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