HEY, CELEB MORONS: Newsflash — No One Cares What You Think

Written by Teri O'Brien on December 22, 2016

Like me, you, my smart Clash Daily friends, have no doubt noticed that since Donald Trump won the November 8 election, liberals are more unhinged than they have ever been, and that’s saying a lot. At this point, most of them make Kanye West look sane! They issue death threats against electors, or screech like deranged banshees at them, warning that Mr. Trump is unstable. Not only do they have no sense of humor. These liberals have no sense of irony.

Infantile tantrums from cry-baby, sore loser leftists are nothing new, of course, but this election defeat has unleashed and amplified another particularly annoying liberal characteristic; specifically, the irresistible impulse to share their opinions with EVERYONE, even those of us who would find a 6-hour seminar on risk management more interesting than the demented rantings of the voices in their heads.

Last week, we were gifted with a brilliant video message from actor Martin Sheen, and a group of his friends, alleged “celebrities,” most of whom were unrecognizable to 90% of Americans, attempting to influence electors prior to their Electoral College vote on December 19. Of course, because when we’re looking for insightful analysis about a constitutional issue like the Electoral College, if you can show me a better source than air-headed actors I’d like to see it. Whenever these people say anything half way intelligent, a smart person writes it, and another smart person tells them how to say it. The actor has the job of memorizing the script and looking the right way saying it. There are dolphins with higher IQ’s than these people, yet they are going to lecture you on the Constitution and Electoral College? Why—because they finally have heard of Alexander Hamilton because of a Broadway show? They are the ones to come along after the American people have spoken to declare that the candidate we chose is “unfit,” “unqualified,” and “unstable?” Maybe Mr. Sheen is confused, thinking that because he played the President on a television show twenty years ago that he is in a position to tell us who should sit in the Oval Office. Uh, no.

Over the last several months, we have had our NFL football games spoiled by moron, millionaire football players with their silly protests against racism, unfairness or something in the United States. Colin Kaepernick, I was going to say that you should stick to what you do well, and concentrate on playing QB; however, given that your team is 1-13, perhaps you should look for a new line of work. Does George Soros need a personal trainer?

Prior to the election, we had to hear from loudmouth luminaries like dumpy, foul-mouthed, phony rape accuser Lena Dunham and others of her ilk vowing to leave the country if the election didn’t go their way, apparently unaware that their threats were viewed more like promises by most of us. Ms. Dunham’s latest example of undesirable sharing is her revelation that even though she hasn’t had an abortion, she wishes that she had. Lovely. Here’s a newsflash, Lena, NO ONE CARES! Spare us your pointless brain dumps, and if you want to leave the country, please do. Canada doesn’t want you, but if you can find another country that does, have at it. North Korea or Cuba, perhaps? Most of us would help you pack, but really you should just go. It would be a horrific loss to our culture, but we can struggle on. It’s your business, not ours.

But that’s the problem, isn’t it? Liberals don’t appreciate the value of people minding their own business because they think that your life and your choices ARE their business. The liberal compulsion to try to control the lives and thoughts of everyone else leads them to labor under the mistaken belief that anyone else cares what they think, a verb that I use very charitably when referring to these dolts. They want what they want, and they want it now, and they insist on yapping about it 24/7 to anyone who will listen, or even people who won’t but who have the misfortune of being within earshot.

In case you missed it, Liberals, we expressed our opinion on November 8 in the way that really counts. The fact that you disagree with us couldn’t possibly be of less interest to the grownups in real America, so please, put a sock in it.

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