CLASH POLL: Car Bomb EXPLODES At CHRISTIAN Rights Lobby… Who Did It?

Published on December 21, 2016

A broken window in a Mosque can make National Headlines. What reaction will this EXPLOSIVES-LADEN VAN have? And who is the most likely culprit?

No-one in the building was injured in the attack, according to the company’s managing director, who said it followed a series of online assaults.

The incident occurred at the Canberra headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby, a group which is currently carrying out a high-profile campaign against gay marriage.

The group’s managing director Lyle Shelton Tweeted: “A vehicle has rammed our office in Canberra & exploded all staff are safe.

“I do not know the condition of the driver. Prayers appreciated.”
He added: “Police contacted me and told me that someone has driven a white van into the carpark of our office and it has been loaded with gas cylinders and then it has been detonated.

“We have had the normal trolls on social media and even had death threats sent to our Canberra office over the year but I am very concerned someone would do this

“It is a relief the building was unoccupied at the time and we are all very thankful our staff are all safe.

“Obviously this is very unsettling to us but also to anyone in Australia, for this to happen in Canberra, our nation’s capital is very disappointing.
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No description of the driver, his associations, or his intentions have been made public. We have only sketchy details to go by.

So… who do you think will finally be responsible?

Expect this to be called a ‘lone wolf’ attack. When the target is on the right, it’s never a symptom of a larger problem, but when the target is on the left, it is ALWAYS a symptom of a larger problem.

It’s a vehicular bomb exploding into a Christian target. With Berlin so fresh in our memory, the first candidate coming to mind would be the Religion of Pieces.

That said, there is another possibility. We remember the LBGT activist shooting the security guard at a Christian Organization with a knapsack full of Chick-fil-A sandwiches. Because of their ‘hate’.


Seeing as the Christian group has been in a high-profile campaign to defend Traditional Marriage, that provides motive to a second possibility.

You may have another culprit in mind. There’s room for that in the poll as well.

Share if this is JUST as relevant a terror attack as the others we’ve seen.