IGNORANT: How Liberals REALLY Feel About Black People — And How Blacks REACT To It

Those adorable Progressives, always ‘fighting for the little guy’. Perhaps they mean well, but when you examine their views, it isn’t so adorable.

Ami Horowitz wants to know: Do Voter ID Laws Suppress the Black Vote?

This ‘man on the street’ interview is in two parts.

The first part is in Progressiveville, USA Berkley, CA.

The second part is in East Harlem, NY.


Well, then…

Those Progressives that were railing against the Voter ID Laws as being ‘racist’ were themselves saying racist things.

Like minority voters:

– are less likely to have state IDs

– don’t live in areas have access to the DMV

– don’t have access to the internet

– can’t pay an internet service provider

– don’t have knowledge of how the internet works

– might have a smartphone but not have data

– in ‘these communities’ don’t know what’s out there/are not aware/not informed

(and our personal favorite…)

– the ‘repression‘ of black voting — because, like, in swing states like Florida, a like, HUGE portion of African Americans are like, convicted felons


That’s like racism on steroids!

If you combined the steroid use of Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, and Hulk Hogan, somehow injected that into racism, you still wouldn’t reach what was displayed in that video.


As fun as it is to watch Progressives make asses of themselves, (and boy is that fun!) the best part of the video is the second half in Harlem, where blacks are told what the funny leftists said.

Their response, ‘That’s Ignorant’.

Yes, Progressives, all those people you want to help by blocking Voter ID laws think that you’re IGNORANT.

And maybe a wee bit racist.

Hey, Democrats!

Good luck getting those votes back in 2020.

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