CLASH POLL: Should Trump Outlaw SHARIA LAW In The USA?

Published on December 9, 2016

Sharia law… It DIRECTLY conflicts with American laws. So should it be BANNED?

We’ve got certain prominent leftists who try to tell us that Sharia is ‘really great’, and it is somehow unAmerican to think otherwise. Which is really strange to hear from a lesbian… because ‘throwing homosexuals from tall buildings’.

A few years back, France took the controversial step of banning people from wearing the full burka, the Muslim head covering which completely covers everything except the eyes. The French government was raked over the coal by liberals, and the Huffington Post lambasted the French government for racism.
But it worked.

According to the British outlet The Telegraph, the French Burka ban has been very effective, and the data speaks for itself.

Despite some high-profile protests, France’s banning of the burka is enormously popular with the public. Unfortunately, as in Britain, almost anything politicians do that the voters approve of tends to be denounced as populisme – a particularly dread charge among the over-earnest French political class – and instead of enjoying the deserved benefits, President Nicolas Sarkozy has found himself on the defensive.

This is where liberals play their favorite game. They stop reading and call us RacistSexistHomophobeIslamophobeXenopobe… etcetera.

Here’s one now:

But let’s look at what a Muslim opposed to Sharia has to say: (Let me guess… he’s a ‘bigot’ too, amiright?)

Sharia is more than stoning or amputing limbs or public beheading – Sharia is a spirit also. Its spirit is against current civilization. Sharia instigates its believers to destroy secular democracy (from within!) and establish so called Islamic State because law is pointless without a state. True that secular democracy is not problem-free but that is the best we have and it is evolving; but even a cursory look into the laws shows that problem with Sharia law is far deeper.

I want to alert the readers about the confusion the defenders of Sharia law create. They hide the violent laws behind sugar-coated sweet words by sidetracking critical issues and hiding facts such as:-

The Sharia courts do not apply “path to flowing water” (the linguistic meaning of the word Sharia); they apply the laws written in the Sharia books.
The “six values of Sharia law” are only lip-service; those are not reflected in crucial Sharia laws.

The claim that “FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is only cultural” is bogus. FGM, one of the most dangerous and brutal practices in human history, is supported by 3 Sharia laws; six Sahi Hadises and the “List of Enormity against Islam” by Imam Ibn Hajar Haytami.

The claim that “Honor killing is cultural” is partially false. The Qisas law of Sharia
encourages Honor Killing.

Except the Quran there are at least ten human sources of Sharia law. So, the cry against secular “manmade law” is foul.

There are more than six thousand laws in each of Hanafi and Shafi’i law books but only thirteen were clearly ordained by God and Prophet. All the other thousands of laws are manmade. So the cry against secular “manmade law” is foul.
People’s opinion was never reflected in the making the laws.
Women’s opinion was never considered in framing the laws. There is not a single female Sharia-Imam in history. It was always men who decided how women must live and die.
There was never any empirical study of the impact of Sharia law on human life.
10. There are Sharia laws that violate the Quran and Prophet. Those are purely anti-Islamic.
Muslims Facing Tomorrow

So now even MUSLIMS are telling us that there are really some BAD things about Sharia law. That they are in direct conflict with civilized Democracies. So, what’s our next step?

Even a province in CANADA (after first flirting with ENDORSING Sharia) was pressured into banning Sharia.

Is it time America banned it too?

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