WATCH: Tucker DESTROYS Liberal ‘Russian Conspiracy Theory’ Believer And It’s HILARIOUS

Rep. Adam Schiff (D) apparently didn’t get the memo about what to expect when appearing on Tucker Carlson’s new show… the result was unbelievably hilarious!

Rep. Schiff, (he didn’t wear his tinfoil hat on air,) claimed that ‘Russians hacked our political institutions’.


The whole thing is rather confusing…

Watch Tucker try to get a straight answer from Schiff:

Our two favorite part is when Tucker is being accused of being an apologist for the Kremlin!

What is amazing is the claim that hacked emails releasing documents that show wrong-doing on the part of the DNC and the Hillary campaign damaged Hillary’s Presidential bid.

Perhaps the damage was due to the fact that the DNC and Hillary actually did those things?

Schiff dodges the question about Putin’s government being responsible for the hacking of John Podesta’s emails.

Those crazy liberals!

Anything to avoid any personal responsibility.

Hillary ran a crappy campaign seemingly based solely on being a woman.


Fearmongering: It’s what Democrats do.

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