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DEAR AMERICA: Aren’t You So HOPEFUL Now That Michelle Is LEAVING?

Michelle Obama spent her swan song on Oprah whining about those Deplorables taking over. Hope Is Gone. Boo hoo.

In this world, there are Whiners and there are DOERS. Eight years of living in the White House clearly isn’t enough to turn someone into the latter.

When we were shut out of politics — including life-altering policies passing without the consent of a SINGLE Elected Republican — we licked our wounds, learned our lessons, changed our strategies and rebuilt.

We didn’t cry in our aprons or burn anything down. We rolled up our sleeves and went to work.

Compare that to FLOTUS On Oprah.

After being asked about the empty and unmeasurable promise of ‘hopey-change’, Michelle said she thought there had been some. Because “Because we feel the difference now. See, now we’re feelin’ what not havin’ hope feels like.”

We covered the America-is-better-than-she-thinks angle yesterday. But there’s another side to this story.

In MICHELLE’s version of America, hope is that thing you have if your government and a small child’s daddy play the same role in your life. If your government gives you everything you want, that’s a good government. If it doesn’t give you everything you want, it’s some perverse kind of a deadbeat dad.

With a government that steps out of your way, and allows you to take adult responsibilities and risks, and receive similarly adult rewards, that is a scary and troublesome thing. It makes ‘hope go away’.

If she can’t even dig deep and generate hope for herself, how does she ‘hope’ to provide it for America?

Meanwhile, the rest of us in the real world don’t look to government for our hope, any more than we look to it for love, friendship, or joy.

We take ownership of our own lives, make our own choices, and take responsibility for ourselves.

And we do it in SPITE of her husband having tied an anchor around the economy’s neck and thrown it overboard.

Here are a few facts:

The nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps might disagree, because they probably have been feeling rather hopeless for the past eight years as the Obama economy failed to grow at even an anemic rate of 2 percent a quarter.

The 94 million Americans who are underemployed or completely unemployed may feel hopeless because of the job participation rate of 62 percent – the lowest since the 1970s.

Families whose annual income has fallen along with most Americans by $4,000 making homeownership an impossible dream as the rate for buying a home is the lowest in 48 years – since Americans voted Richard Nixon into the White House – may also have been feeling hopeless, too.

Now, less than 5 weeks before she becomes a private citizen and relinquishes life in the White House –complete with servants and aides, the state dinners, the limousines, the flights on Air Force One, the vacations and official trips to foreign countries, the command performances by her favorite entertainers – to the new First Lady, Melania Trump, Michelle Obama tells us, not surprisingly, that she feels “hopeless.” –Read more at: Us Herald

Mike Rowe spells makes a FANTASTIC case for what taking ownership of your own life looks like. How the main difference between snowflakes and responsible adults is Optimism and Pessimism, and a BIG part of that connects to how effective one takes charge of their own choices and position in life. It really IS worth the watching.

No, Michelle. Unlike YOU, the American public is resiliant. They adapt and overcome.

You are like a thermometer… reacting to an environment.

The American People you know so little about are like the THERMOSTAT… creating the change they want in this world. For themselves… their families… their communities… their nation.

And NOBODY, least of all some two-bit wanna-be French Aristocrat will keep us from it.

You are feeling hopeless, Michelle? Fine.

Then get off the public dime and go make something of yourself. And take your smug ‘let them eat cake’ attitude with you.

Meanwhile, with Trump promising to take the leash off the goverment, we’re already seeing optimism.

Is her departure making it even easier to be hopeful about your future?

Share if she can’t be gone soon enough.

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