BOOM: Calvin Klein BLASTS Designers Who Won’t DRESS Melania And It’s AWESOME

Written by K. Walker on December 17, 2016

TMZ caught up with the iconic designer, and asked the burning question — will he dress Melania? Watch what he had to say…

First a recap:

Remember Tom Ford’s nasal, pretentious statement that his clothes are ‘too expensive’ for Melania?

And Sophie Theallat’s open letter calling on designers to boycott Melania?

Those two aren’t the only ones.

Check out what Christian Siriano had to say to Bustle:

For Christian Siriano, dressing First Lady Michelle Obama twice was a dream — but don’t expect Siriano to design clothes for Melania Trump anytime soon…

…Siriano has dressed Trump in the past for events like the 2010 MET Gala, but that won’t be the case going forward, according to him — at least not anytime soon, anyway

“…unfortunately, at this time, what Melania and her world represents, I just don’t think represents… we don’t share the same values and the same things, as a lot of designers, especially a lot of young gay designers [feel],” Siriano says. “It’s very hard to support people that don’t support you, which has only been a thing — I’m not supporting anybody who doesn’t support me, so that’s my biggest thing. So we’ll see how the four years go.”

And Marc Jacobs:

I have no interest whatsoever in dressing Melania Trump. I didn’t see [Sophie Theallet’s] letter. Personally, I’d rather put my energy into helping out those who will be hurt by [Donald] Trump and his supporters.
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Ok, now to Calvin Klein, who has dressed Michelle in the past, is a registered Democrat and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats and exactly $0 to Republicans.


Klein originally scoffs at the question and comments, ‘What a question!’

It’s a bit difficult to hear what exactly is said, but it does sound like, ‘Of course he would’.

Klein is then heard saying, ‘She’s beautiful.’

This iconic American designer isn’t afraid of dressing the new First Lady and not letting politics get in the way.

Take that Sophie Theallat!

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