DEAR HILLARY: Congratulations For Coming In 2nd For The 2nd Time

Published on December 7, 2016

It’s OK, Hillary. Don’t think of it as second place. Think of it as the ‘First Loser’.

ClashDaily reported that Trump and Hillary were both among the finalists of Time’s person of the year (and also … Beyonce? WTF?)

The final decision has been announced. Donald Trump will be Time’s Person of the Year.

And Hillary was second place.

(No word yet whether Jill Stein will be launching a recount effort.)

“Winners get to write history,” Charlotte Alter wrote of Clinton’s second near-victory in the last two months. “Losers, if they are lucky, get a ballad.”

Clinton was a “female candidate in an election that didn’t hinge on gender after all, she became a symbol in a fight that was about much more than symbolism,” Alter continued. — DailyCaller

But Hillary is so VERY GOOD at being second place.

She was runner-up to Donald Trump for Person of the Year.

She was runner-up to Donald Trump for President.

She was runner-up to Barack Obama for Democratic Nominee for President.

She is the Second-Most-Famous Clinton.

She is the Second-Most-powerful Clinton.

She was the Second-most famous woman during Bill’s Presidency. (She can blame the blue dress for that one.)

That’s an awful lot of second place finishes.

Hmmm… From ‘First Lady’ to ‘First Loser’.

If, as the saying goes… ‘Second place is the First Loser’ ClashDaily editors wonder:

Does this list officially qualify Hillary as ‘America’s Biggest Loser’?

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