WUSSIFICATION: Company CANCELS Christmas Party Because Trump DUSTED The Hildebeest

Published on December 7, 2016

Guess who’s playing the lead in ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ this year? And guess what they’re doing with the money, instead?

What’s the REAL problem with Fake News?

It rears its head when Liberals actually believe the narrative and get scared by the Monster-Under-The-Bed stories that CNN uses to scare Children and other Liberals.

(Before reading further, remember that CNN is facing a class-action lawsuit for racist practices. CNN… who calls everyone ELSE racist. That’s a little like Al Sharpton complaining about conservative voters and/or ‘rich’ people ‘not paying their fair share’.)

So what — exactly — is the problem?

Hollywood publicity firm Sunshine Sachs has canceled its annual, bicoastal holiday celebrations as a gesture of support for immigrants, women, LGBT people and the environment.

The decision was a gesture to “defend the values we hold dear,” according to an email sent Tuesday.

“We’ve been talking a lot about how to protect the things we care about, post-election,” CEO Shawn Sachs told TheWrap. The firm’s clients include companies like Facebook and stars like Natalie Portman, Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Sixteen different organizations — including the ACLU, Human Rights Campaign and the Immigrant Defense Fund — will receive donations from a budget usually reserved for lavish parties in New York City and Los Angeles.

…“However I felt the morning after was nothing compared to how I felt taking to people in this office, those who felt their citizenship — in a matter of moments — was gone or had been lessened,” Sachs said of November’s presidential election, which saw Republican Donald Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton. “Being the diverse workplace we are, many of us felt under assault.” -TheWrap

Who will they be giving the funding to? Oh, the usual suspects. Sixteen hard-left social-engineering groups.

Planned Parenthood, naturally. Because nothing says ‘women’s rights’ like making it easy for the gender-specific destruction of unwanted daughters. And Planned Parenthood helps make this ‘right’ possible.

ACLU — which officially does NOT mean ‘anti-Christian lawyers union’ but certainly does it’s best to live up to the moniker.

Muslim Aid America — which will be difficult to square with their LGBT support, but that’s for them to sort out.

Also difficult to square are the anti-gun projects and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It was, after all, SPLC’s ridiculous rhetoric that one crazed LBGT activist referenced as justification for shooting a guard at the Family Research Council.

Family Research Council (FRC) officials released video of federal investigators questioning convicted domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II, who explained that he attacked the group’s headquarters because the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identified them as a “hate group” due to their traditional marriage views. -HotAir

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like spending money on causes overtly opposed to the person it was named after. They used to call that sort of thing ‘appropriation’.

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