DEAR PATRIOTS: Would You LOVE To Watch Trump & Hillary Play ‘The Pie Face Game?’

Would Haggard Hillary even have a chance?

It’s a showdown based on quick reflexes and ends with one player sporting whipped cream on their face.

It would probably go down something like this:

You know she’d lose.


And react just like the little guy that lost.

She’s a sore loser.

She wouldn’t give a public concession speech on Election Night after having done so privately in a phone call to The Donald. Was it because she was so convinced that she would win because of all the ‘Fake News’ about her massive lead in the polls and didn’t have a speech prepared, or was she just too drunk?

We may never know.

We do know that her reaction post-election has been to support the recount and not say anything about the protests and the attack on the Electoral College because:


Many Hillary supporters believe she deserved to win.

‘Middle America’ disagreed, and voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

Maybe Hillary should play more board games.

From an article titled, ‘6 ways to help a sore loser’:

Competition teaches kids that persevering through failure can yield future success, and it also strengthens character and builds skill. Learning to be a good sport when you’re a kid translates into not falling apart when your colleague snags that promotion you were hoping for.
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(Emphasis added)

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