WATCH: Whoopi Goes FULL RETARD – DEMANDS Trump ‘Step Down’ Before Inauguration

Published on December 15, 2016

Whoopi Goldberg and company are obviously suffering from delusions of relevance. Maybe that will clear itself up when they look at The View’s pathetic ratings numbers.

Poor dears, they still haven’t worked through those five stages of grief after Hillary lost.

They just can’t handle the fact that the REAL reason that Hillary lost the election (and even her own Campaign partners agree!) is that Hillary’s campaign skills sucked as bad as the First Black President’s Free throw percentage.

The same show that gave us the phrase ‘it’s not rape-rape‘ in defence of Roman Polansky pretends to have the moral authority to demand that Donald Trump … the DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT … should step down so that … what… Hillary can be President?

Let’s recap:

Truth be told, they are mostly upset about the damning emails from Wikileaks.

— Assange said their source was NOT the Russians. This was corroborated by an Ambassador.

— Many of the emails in question came from a Phishing attack. Meaning USER ERROR on the part of a careless user on an unsecured site.

— Assange mentioned a SOURCE for the leaks that led to DWS resigning from head of the DNC. (The guy who was murdered may be connected to that leak.)

— None of the emails were contested for their content. Ie… ‘not fake’.

— Much of what was reported should actually BE news. Including inappropriate connections between a political party and media outlets. (Speaking of ‘fake news’ and ‘influencing elections’)

Reports said as many as FIVE foreign nations had breached Hillary’s email security.

Hillary’s OWN TEAM decided they didn’t have sufficient evidence of vote tampering to warrant a recount (but they didn’t Mind JILL doing it on their behalf).

We could go on.

In the end, if they are so concerned about those 30,000 emails falling into foreign hands, why are they not asking for Hillary’s head on a plate?

It’s called intellectual dishonesty.

If there was Russian malfeasance, that will be looked into discreetly. And responded to somewhere OTHER than Headlines.

For now, we are getting ready for a new President. And secure servers.

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