FAKE NEWS? You Mean Like ‘Media EXPERTS’ Telling Us, ‘Trump CAN’T Win?’

Published on December 3, 2016

Hillary’s camp… On CNN… Complaining about ‘Fake News’ on the Right. We ‘would’ say ‘CAN’T MAKE THIS CRAP UP’. But here we are.

In this clip, we get to hear Mook (TEAM HILLARY) charging Breitbart with producing fake news.

ClashDaily editors find that hilarious.

Remember when CNN told us about the peaceful relative in the Milwaukee riots? The one where we meet the family member of the deceased thug? She said don’t burn down OUR neighborhoods… burn down THEIRS? CNN had to apologize for their lie after that.

Or in the Keith Scott video where CNN edited out the voices of the officers telling him to ‘put down the (expletive) gun!’

Becuase FRAMING the news is more important than reporting it.

CNN accused Trump of trying to incite the assassination of Hillary, but don’t mind joking about his plane crashing.

The camp that continually made up stories about Trump (like that gem about Trump not accepting the results of the election, and therefore being a threat to 200+ years of Democracy) and don’t see the irony of their own duplicity.


CNN and Hillary conspired TOGETHER (by way of Donna Brazille) to CHEAT and help Hillary defeat Sanders.

And yet, somehow the RIGHT gets tagged with the ‘fake news’ angle.

Hillary couldn’t even decide what was medically wrong with her. Is it heatstroke in 70 degree weather? Is it Pneumonia? Or something else?

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