OMG: Doctor Fired For Saying THIS About Michelle’s FACE

Published on December 3, 2016

If you like your doctor you can … nope. Never mind.

A Doctor in Colorado has to pack up her files and leave.

Not because of how she practiced medicine. Not because of how she treated any of her patients.

Nope. She got canned because of social media. She wrote a FaceBook Post, and it cost her a job. Free speech ain’t what it used to be.

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What did it say?

Herren responded to a Facebook post praising First Lady Michelle Obama with the statement: “Monkey face and poor ebonic English!!! There! I feel better and am still not racist!!! Just calling it like it is!”Denver Post

[Emphasis supplied]

The University of Colorado’s School of Medicine is planning to cut ties with Dr. Michelle Herren, a faculty member and pediatric anesthesiologist, who made a racist remark on Facebook.

“We are beginning the process to terminate Dr. Herren’s faculty appointment,” Mark Couch, spokesman for the school, said Thursday. “She has expressed values that are at odds with ours and she has compromised her ability to meet the teaching and patient care mission of the School of Medicine.”

Herren, who works at Denver Health Medical Center, holds a non-paid faculty appointment at the CU School of Medicine and a medical staff appointment at Children’s Hospital, where Denver Health physicians supervise residents and other medical practitioners in training. —Denver Post

No word yet on whether Denver Health Medical Center will follow a similar course of action… because First Amendment rights protect her speech as a private individual … whether they like it or not.

They have made a statement distancing themselves from her words.

Denver Health also released a statement saying that officials were offended by the comments, which were made while Herren was “acting independently in her private capacity.” -Denver Post

Meanwhile, do we companies desperately backpedal to distance themselves from comments critical of Republicans? Trump and Bush both took their share of criticism.

Regular ClashDaily readers will remember the Naked Statues of Trump… with an intentionally undersized male organ with the intention of ridicule.

Trump — like Michelle — is compared to primates.

Here’s a screenshot of a quick websearch. Obviously… there are a lot to choose from:


Dubya got it too…


What about comparing women to animals… is that bad, too?


She specifically mentioned she wasn’t racist in her comments.

She was being critical of her un-lovely appearance, and boorish speech. Now she’s being fired. But really? Is it a statement she cannot justify? Pretty sure THIS is NOT a doctored photograph of Michelle:


That photo enough OUGHT to be enough to let her KEEP that job with an apology from the hospital for firing her. So what’s the problem?

Is it because there is a racist implication with respect to a monkey? Ok, let’s play that game. Here’s a photo found googling ‘Republican’ and ‘Monkey’ … is THIS depiction of a Black Republican ‘inappropriate’ in any way? Would it get anyone fired?


Let’s call this what it really is. Democrat butt-hurt.

They can call us whatever they want… make any reference, any insult they want, because they know we value free speech.

But they are SO thin-skinned that if someone dares to criticize their beloved heroes, they get ‘triggered’ and look for ways to punish the offender.

Liberals are the people Orwell warned us about.

Share if THIS is why Liberals don’t really care about freedoms.


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