GOOD RIDDANCE: The Obamas Sent Out Last CHRISTMAS Card – Look What It’s MISSING!

Published on December 12, 2016

As if the Narcissist-in-Chief and his family weren’t a big enough joke already.

The man who walks on eggshells to ‘honor’ Islam doesn’t have the same interest in ‘honoring’ more widely celebrated traditions… including the religion he claims to believe in.

Obama sent out his ‘holiday’ card.

It lacked any mention of the Holiday in question. Holiday. Holy + Day. Do we need to draw him a map?

Don’t give us the ‘separation of Church and State’ line, either. How much of the budget goes to giving government employees a paid day off on the 25th of December? There’s no confusion about THAT day being the one in question.

Unless you wanted cut the hypocrisy and go all the way in making Atheism the official religious position of the State. (An in-between step that might actually put the question to rest is the option of making Christmas voluntary.)

Anyway, back to Obama… the official card he’s sending out (Leftists would call this ‘cultural appropriation’ if it were borrowing from anybody else, without proper attribution and due deference) used to be called a ‘Christmas Card’. He’s kept the tradition but sanitized the original meaning so as not to offend litigious atheists with too much time on their hands.

He’s sending out a ‘holiday’ card. He’s slipped in saying ‘holiday’ forgetting its linguistic origins, but he doesn’t get called out on that by Leftists, so he’s unlikely to care.

Here’s the front:


And here it is inside:


See any mention of Christmas? No it would be sectarian for him, as the unbiased leader of a unified American people to acknolwdge one holiday over another. Right?

How quickly we forget:

President Obama marked the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha Monday with a call for the U.S. to welcome refugees and immigrants.

“We are reminded of the millions of refugees around the globe who are spending this sacred holiday separated from their families, unsure of their future, but still hoping for a brighter tomorrow,” Mr. Obama said in a statement. “And as a nation, we remain committed to welcoming the stranger with empathy and an open heart — from the refugee who flees war-torn lands to the immigrant who leaves home in search of a better life.”

The administration earlier this month reached its goal of accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees fleeing their country’s civil war. Mr. Obama’s quota was opposed by lawmakers in both parties of Congress and many governors, amid concerns over terrorism. — Washington Times

(A muslim holiday to call for refugees sounds about right since the Christians (who were being systematically slaughtered by ISIS) were excluded. As told by NewsWeek around the same time Obama made that announcement: THE U.S. BARS CHRISTIAN, NOT MUSLIM, REFUGEES FROM SYRIA

How appropriate then, that we’re using Christmas-themed music to MOCK him and celebrate the End of An Error.

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