LMAO: CNN DECRYING ‘Fake News’ Is Like Rosie Calling Salma ‘GROSS’

Published on December 12, 2016

If you were wondering why News Networks are about as popular as a Prostate Exam… here’s why.

The ‘Legacy Media’ as they have recently been called — ‘Irrelevant Dinosaurs’ might be a synonym — has started worrying about ‘fake news’.

News outlets actively took sides. They propped up Hillary. They shielded her from criticism. And Trump still won.

They gladly played up Obama and Hillary when they were being critical of Trump:
Obama: Trump’s rigged election claim ‘whining before the game’s even over’

The same Hillary who claimed not accepting the results was a ‘threat to democracy‘ (but thought nothing of getting behind Jill’s recount bid) is now saying that fake news is a ‘threat to democracy‘.


Considering that Hillary rigged her own party’s Primaries (thank-you Wikileaks), she has no moral high ground to criticize others from.

Neither do the Networks. The ‘objective’ news reporters picked sides and openly wept when Hillary got trounced. Boo-frickety-hoo.

These are the networks that had employees feeding Hillary’s operatives Debate questions (CNN’s Donna Brazile)… Hired Clinton’s Former Press secretary as an anchor (ABC)… Trump’s odds of winning are ‘approaching zero

This doesn’t even go into the fake news of Brian ‘Shot Down In Iraq‘ Williams. Or Dan ‘Forged AWOL Evidence‘ Rather.

Rather was a bogus story engineered to destroy a presidential candidate, and tilt the election in favor of a Democrat. Just like the so-called ‘fat-shamed’ beauty contestant.

The problem with taking a moral high ground against someone is that the ground the accuser is standing on must actually BE higher ground.

These Democratic operatives disguised as news reporters? There are definately NOT on any moral high ground.

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