GOOFUS: Elizabeth Warren Introduces Bill To FORCE Trump To Set Up Blind Trust or Be IMPEACHED

Written by K. Walker on December 17, 2016

Well, that didn’t take long to get the ball for impeachment rolling…

Desperate Democrats are at it again.

This time it’s Elizabeth Warren and a handful of other butt-hurt Dems that are pushing a bill for it o be an impeachable offense to have Trump not have his holdings in a blind trust while in office.

The move has little chance of becoming law, however, because of the Republican majority in both the House and the Senate.

Elizabeth Warren said she and other senators would introduce a bill in January that would require Trump to disclose and divest any financial conflicts of interest before the Republican property tycoon is sworn in as president on January 20.

‘Placing assets in a true blind trust has been the standard for previous presidents. Our bill makes clear we expect Trump to do the same,’ Warren tweeted.

Democrats are a minority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, meaning that the bill has little chance of being adopted by Congress…

…So far the 70-year-old billionaire has said only that his two adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, would take over and that the company would do no new deals while he serves as president.

In the interim, neither Trump nor his transition team have offered any new details on what mechanism Trump might adopt.

‘I think the priority here is to make sure we get it right and if that takes a little bit more time, then I think the American people understand that,’ a spokesman told reporters on Thursday.
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Trump is going to make sure that it’s all above board.


Warren tweeted that the Bill is being introduced because they’re ‘concerned’ about transparency:

What about Obama’s book sales profits?

Are those in a blind trust, too, ‘Most Transparent Government of Ever’?

Obama made over a million dollars in a year for the first time in 2005. His most profitable year was 2009. He made five and a half million dollars that year, most of it from a huge amount of book sales as the result of his election to the presidency. Obama continues to make $3.75 each time he sells a hardcover book, as well as just over a dollar for each time he sells a paperback.
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Nah, that’s only for Republicans.

I wonder if that’s worded right into the Bill…

Just one more way they’re trying to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency before he is even sworn in.

It’s just getting sad now.


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