HOPE AND CHANGE: Trump Will Make America’s Israel Policy Great Again!

Published on December 28, 2016

If hearing Kerry’s anti-Israel speech made your stomach churn? Don’t worry, ‘Change’ is coming!


Obama opposes Israel, deeply and ideologically — not only as a State but even as in idea. He hates what it represents. National Review wrote a brilliant piece laying out the arguments for that view. Here is an excerpt from it:

…Here’s the most plausible explanation: Obama despises Israel because at root, Obama despises the traditional Judeo-Christian underpinning of Western civilization. He breaks down Bible believers into two categories: fools and liars. The fools are the “bitter clingers,” the idiot masses who fall into racism and xenophobia and Bible jabber because they’re poor and stupid. The liars are the self-interested characters who want to do what they want to do while citing the Bible for their support.

…And what is the ultimate repository of such manipulation of religion? The Jewish state. The Jews of Israel, Obama believes, are aggressors, using biblical writ as an excuse for oppression, hiding behind the Bible when it’s really naked self-interest at work. That’s why Obama stated at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan that “no religion has been spared from believers who have claimed their faith as a license to kill. . . . How easily we learn to justify violence in the name of some higher cause.”

To Obama, that’s what the Jews of Israel do. Because their control over Israel is inherently connected to biblical mandate, Obama must oppose them. He must side instead with a religion of social justice, not a religion of biblical principle.

If someone with an (R) after his name held such a view, we’d be seeing memes like this:


John Kerry, Surrogate for Obama’s foreign policy, and all-around asshat, gave a speech today:

Outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry laid out the Obama administration’s principles for peace between Israel and the Palestinians during a speech at the State Department on Wednesday that lasted 71 minutes, one of the longest in US State Department history.

Primarily, Kerry called to create a secure and recognized border between Israel and a contiguous Palestine along the 1967 lines, with mutually agreed upon land swaps.

“Israel will return land it has occupied since 1967. The borders must be secure and Palestine must be viable and contiguous,” Kerry clarified.

You have to be pretty ignorant of history to even invoke the name ‘Palestine’ in defense of the Two State Solution. Palestine is what the ROMAN EMPORER HADRIAN (read: dead white guy) renamed the region of Israel after it DARED to try to Fight for its own Independence against the Colonialist Empire of Rome. Because you want to punish Israel.

So… every time you use the word ‘Palestine’ … you are siding with the Colonialist aggressors. Just so you know. #History.

Do we need the meme again?

“When the West Bank and Gaza were under Jordanian autonomy from 1948 to 1967, there was not any effort to create a separate Palestinian state. The PLO was formed during that time, not for the purpose of creating a Palestinian State, but rather for the purpose of exterminating the Jewish state.” — Algeminer

Netanyahu responds to Kerry’s asinine speech.


Kerry had little interest in the ongoing terror campaign and the need for bomb shelters in Israeli homes, but has no problem laying blame on Israel for the ongoing conflict with Israel.

Israel calls Obama out for acting against AMERICAS own policy by not only LETTING UN Resolution go forward, but by being — as is claimed — actively involved in the crafting it.

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