QUESTION: Should Obama’s LAST Day, 1/20/17, Be A NATIONAL Holiday?

Published on December 28, 2016

They’re calling it the ‘End of an Error’. How shall we mark the occasion?


Obama has spent the last 8 years putting America through his Social Engineering Transformational Laboratory. On Inauguration Day… that ends forever!

Other such joyous moments in our nation’s history have been marked by open public celebrations. This moment, for example, is frozen in time.


That wonderful moment, for the record, is now officially ‘triggering’ to Feminazis.

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When the news broke that Fidel Castro died, and all the Lefties were distraught, mourning or offering their own versions of the #TrudeauEulogy actual CUBANS in America were DANCING In The STREETS.

In that proud tradition, what is the best reaction to Obama leaving, and taking his worthless policies with him? Should it be a National Holiday, or no?

Either way, we can expect a surge in the sales of alcohol and hangover remedies right around then.

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