JUDGE: ‘IF Women Don’t Want To Be RAPED By ‘Refugees’ … Don’t Drink Too Much’

Published on December 4, 2016

‘Blaming the victim’… remember when it used to be a BAD thing?

One of the country’s top judges has labelled a drunken woman who was sexually assaulted and almost kidnapped ‘foolish’ for drinking so much she left herself open to attack.

The 20-year-old woman was pounced on by teenager Yaqoob Alanezy who put his arms around her, kissed her and then dragged her 30 yards down a street in south Manchester .

Sentencing Alanezy, Mr Justice Gilbart said there was no excuse for the attack but people had to take responsibility for their safety when on nights out.

The High Court judge said the victim only had a ‘befuddled recollection of events’ adding: “I’m sure it was a frightening incident. She got very, very drunk. It doesn’t excuse what happened, but people have to make sure they protect themselves and guard against this – she made herself very vulnerable.

“The law seeks to protect victims such as this from their own foolishness. –Manchester Evening News

It wasn’t that long ago that something called the ‘slut walks’ were a popular form of protest.

Remember what they were a reaction to?

Here’s a reminder:

Both were outraged by a report in a campus paper that a police officer advised York University law students to “not dress like a slut” to reduce the chances of assault.

“He used the word ‘slut’ in his way. We wanted to take the word and sling it right back in our way,” said the 38-year-old mother, who until this spring had never marched in a protest. Besides grabbing attention, the title also is designed to teach people about the harmful use of language, she said. —Globe And Mail

What makes this case different? Well, in this case, the defendant’s name could be a clue: ‘Yaqoob’.

Here’s a description of the attack:

Alanezy, 18, attacked the woman after their paths crossed at Anson Road, in the Victoria Park area of south Manchester, in the early hours of August 20.

He dragged her down the street before they both fell to the floor.

The incident was stopped by a passer-by who saw the victim trying to push Alanezy off her as he lay on top of her in the street. –Manchester Evening News

So, why is does the judge have to name — specifically — sexual risks a young woman faces while being unable to defend herself in ‘certain areas’? Is that not an admission that there is a specific, known, identifiable risk to young women? One that has specific geography?

Could it have anything to do with a culture that creates ‘men’ (for want of a better word) who are unable to control their urges?

Story after story about rape have that one common denominator.

Twenty girls aged 12-18 are raped by a gang of thugs at a music festival.

There is a problem with 10-year-old boys being raped in public pools. (With NO CONVICTION because the rapist ‘did not understand’ that consent had not been given)

There is even a ‘rape game’ (‘taharush’) were in at least one instance 30 or so ‘men’ stalked three school-age girls.

It isn’t just women, or girls, or little boys that are at risk.

Goats, as video has shown, are not safe.

But EVEN MANNEQUINS get fondled and felt up.

Yes. You read that correctly.

At what point will society begin to realize that the ONLY common denominator here is a culture that is incapable of self-restraint.

When will we finally put aside fears of ‘islamophobia’ and demand that THEY change to meet OUR standards of civility and human rights?

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