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LMAO: SNL SLAMS Hillary With WICKED ‘Sasquatch’ Sketch! (VIDEO)

Look what happens when SNL stops putting politics ahead of humor … people actually laugh!

Fortunately for SNL viewers, there was more to watch this weekend than Alec Baldwin.

(Good thing, too. That was WEAK.)

Some of their writers took a crack at actual HUMOR. You might have heard of it.

You find an amusing angle on an ordinary situation or story, and use that as the PREMISE of the joke.

It’s a nice change from ‘RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBE’. And a Helluva lot funnier.

The writers happened to notice that Hillary has been out of the spotlight awhile. But that she has been spotted hiking in the woods. It’s gotten some media attention, and some whispers about whether these sightings in the woods — with photos — are legitimate or staged.

(If this is starting to sound like a BigFoot story to you, you’re thinking like an SNL writer.)

So, they put two and two together and did a spoof of those tv documentaries where cameramen go tracking down the ‘real story behind’ this or that urban legend.

They came up with ‘Finding Hil’.

Some of the punchlines are pretty good. We won’t ruin them for you.


Let’s reward what they do WELL so we’re more likely to see THIS and less likely to see the other trash they keep throwing our way.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

And let us know if you liked this one better than the Michelle sasquatch vid.

Share if you want to reward them when they actually write funny stuff.

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