LMAO: Hillary FACES Backers Who WASTED $1B On Her LOSING Campaign

Published on December 18, 2016

Uh-oh. Hillary’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.


She’s being called up to the principle’s office from the one authority she actually cares about… the people who made her rich.

And now, she has to report on her inexplicable failure. She’s got to report it to the sort of people who aren’t used to people telling them they can’t get their way.

But in the weeks since, the wealthy Democrats who helped pump over $1 billion into Clinton’s losing effort have been urging their local finance staffers, state party officials, and campaign aides to provide a more thorough explanation of what went wrong. With no dispassionate, centralized analysis of how Clinton failed so spectacularly, they insist, how can they be expected to keep contributing to the party?

“A lot of the bundlers and donors still are in shock and disbelief by what happened. They’re looking for some introspection and analysis about what really happened, what worked and what didn’t,” said Ken Martin, chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and a top campaign bundler himself. “It may take some time to do that, but people are still just scratching their heads.”

Or, in the words of a Midwestern fundraiser who’s kept in touch with fellow donors, “A lot of people are saying, ‘I’m not putting another fucking dime in until someone tells me what just happened.’”

Donors recognize that part of the problem is the current fragile state of the party: With the race for its chairmanship raging, the Democratic National Committee has yet to announce any plans for a full post-mortem of its own in the style of Republicans’ 2012 Growth and Opportunity Project, causing some party officials to worry that they may not see one at all — at least until a new chair takes over in the spring. —Politico

Yes… Hillary got her ass handed to her in November. It wasn’t by a seasoned political opponent. That may have been forgivable.

No. It was by Donald Trump. The guy they couldn’t agree was RUNNING a circus or a Sideshow attraction In it. Either way, this was supposed to be a slam dunk.

Maybe that’s a bad metaphor. We’ve seen Obama’s mad basketball skillz.

She was supposed to win. It wasn’t even supposed to be close.

Even ‘news’ editors dropped any pretense of objectivity.

But she blew it. Trump won. And now, somebody’s gotta answer to them.



She’s SO Screwed!

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