PATRIOTS: 12yr. Old Muslim Terrorist Bombs A Christmas Market & City Hall

Written by K. Walker on December 17, 2016

The pre-teen has been dubbed the ‘Kindergarten Bomber’.

The ‘Christmas Markets’ in Germany are a long-standing tradition and are a big tourist draw.


The boy, who has dual German-Iraqi citizenship, is the youngest to be seized in Europe for a suspected terror offence.

According to Focus Magazine the child was “strongly radicalised” in recent weeks by a member of the Islamic State and planned to detonate his nail bomb on November 26 but it failed to explode.

He, or someone else, had assembled a device made from gunpowder surrounded with nails and screws designed to cause maximum casualties when it went off.

He placed it in a thicket near the to the Ludwigshafen Christmas market – the city is home to former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, the great champion of the EU project – but it failed to go off.

He tried again on December 5, this time placing it in a thicket near the city hall, according to Focus.

An eagle-eyed passerby saw what he was doing and contacted police…

…According to Focus – known in Germany for a magazine with close ties to and sources within the security services – the bomb was in a glass jam jar and the nails and screws were glued to the sides.

The attempted slaughter illustrates the spiking terror threat in Germany.
Read more: Express UK

This was a radicalized pre-teen.

A middle-school aged kid.

Isn’t that disturbing?

It’s like the Hamas armed-to-the-teeth toddlers.

Could the recent surge in refugees entering Germany have anything to do with the radicalization of Muslims in Germany?

The above Express article says that Germany is the main European target for Islamists.

There are disturbing trends of German citizens not feeling safe, and recently a number of Christian statues have been defaced.

And this 12-year old was planning a terror attack while our college kids are crying and coloring because Hillary lost.

Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?

It’s a good thing that Trump was elected and we’re going to put the brakes on bringing more refugees here.

We have to be careful about radicalization, and we’ve already ignored some threats, for example, the OSU attacker.

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