Obama Says, ‘Hillary Not Treated Fairly by Media’ – Is He FULL Of Crap?

WTF? What planet is Obama on?




The Media (D) was bending over backward to make Satan’s sister, Hillary, a sweet grandma.

Check it out.

Here’s the New York Times:




Washingtion Post:



And everybody else, including Google, Facebook and Twitter:


Yes, that is disturbing. But you can’t look away… Amiright?

Welcome to media coverage of Hillary’s Presidential run.

It’s not even like the coverage of the ‘big scandals’ Trump tape vs. Hillary’s WikiLeaks was even close:

When the Media (D) was shamed forced into covering the damning emails, and Hillary was actually answering questions, it was all a bunch of softballs. But not even regular softballs, more like these:


Yes, that is indeed a pillow with a picture of a softball. Also known as ‘Hillary’s pre-approved questions’ vetted by her team.

The Media (D) LOOOOOVES Hillary.

You can tell because it’s written all over their notebooks inside little hearts. And they giggle when she smiles at them. (We’re looking at YOU, Georgie!)

Even Google was suppressing the ‘Clinton Body Count’.

The Media (D) was rough on Hillary…

That is the angle President I-don’t-have-a-Legacy Obama wants to take?

That the MEDIA wasn’t fair?

Wow. Just Wow.

Does he not remember how people laughed at Trump running for President and called him a ‘clown’.

Did he not see the coverage on Election Night?

Rachel Maddow?

The entire MSNBC panel, for that matter.

What about the New York Times headline the next day?

The Media (D) were Hillary Cheerleaders.

We’d hate to see what would’ve happened if they liked Hillary.

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