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PEACE PRIZE PREZ: Syria, NOT Iran Nuclear Deal Is Obama’s Real LEGACY (VIDEO)

Obama said that the Assad regime’s days were numbered… that number is up over 1,700 days.

On Fox News’s ‘Special Report’ Charles Krauthammer has scathing words about Obama’s ‘legacy’:

“Obama imagines the Obama deal is his legacy,” Krauthammer said. “It is not. Aleppo is his legacy. History will remember this as kind of the symbolism of the whole policy of retreat and the inevitable outcome. It’s not as if this civil war was going to go one way or the other because of what the United States did. The civil war essentially was in some kind of equilibrium a year and a half ago. When the Russians decided their side, Assad, was losing, the rebels were actually on the advance in Aleppo and elsewhere. He stepped in to rescue Assad but then he saw there was no response on part of the west. No penalties whatsoever — even economic coming from the United States and he decided to drive the advantage.”

“We are reduced now to giving speeches from our U.N. spokeswoman, pleading saying to the Iranians, the Russians and Assad, ‘Have you no shame? Have you no pity?’” he continued. “The answer is obvious. They have none. The only thing that could have stopped this ultimately would have been some kind of turn from the United States, warning from the United States to keep the Russians out. We didn’t and now we have what we have.”
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Watch the first 6 and a half minutes for context, or jump straight to the All-Star Panel at the 26:10 mark:

Obama chose the Iran Nuclear Deal over his ‘Red Line’ threat to Assad.

“When the president announced his plans to attack [the Assad regime] and then pulled back, it was exactly the period in time when American negotiators were meeting with Iranian negotiators secretly in Oman to get the nuclear agreement,” Solomon said.

“US and Iranian officials have both told me that they were basically communicating that if the US starts hitting President Assad’s forces, Iran’s closest Arab ally … these talks cannot conclude.”
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It was a decision to not piss off the Iranians.

Estimates of deaths in the Syrian Civil War, per opposition activist groups, vary between 312,001 and 470,000. On 23 April 2016, the United Nations and Arab League Envoy to Syria put out an estimate of 400,000 that had died in the war.
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Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are dead and the world faces an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

All because Russia filled the vacuum in Syria and chose a side because of US inaction.

It is the utter failure of the Obama administration to act that caused the fall of Aleppo.

If Obama wants credit for not getting us into another war, the credit is his. If he wants credit for not being guilty of “overreach,” the credit is his. If he wants credit for conceiving of every obstacle and impediment to American action in every corner of the globe, the credit is his. But it is a shameful and incontrovertible fact of our history that during the past eight years the values of rescue, assistance, protection, humanitarianism and democracy have been demoted in our foreign policy and in many instances banished altogether. The ruins of the finest traditions of American internationalism, of American leadership in a darkening world, may be found in the ruins of Aleppo. Our ostentatious passivity is a primary cause of that darkening. When they go low, we go home. The Obama legacy in foreign policy is vacuum-creation, which his addled America-First successor will happily ratify. Aleppo was not destroyed by the Syrian army. It was destroyed by a savage coalition led and protected by Russia. While they massacred innocent men, women and children, we anxiously pondered scenarios of “deconfliction.”

We need to be unforgivingly clear. The obligation to act against evil in Aleppo was no different from the obligation to act against the evil in Sarajevo and Srebrenica. (Has anyone ever heard Obama mention Bosnia?) It was no different from the obligation to act against the evil in Rwanda. It was no different from the obligation to act against the evil in Auschwitz. And we scorned the obligation. We learned nothing. We forgot everything. We failed. We did not even try.
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The continuing war in Syria — Obama, you built that.

And this is one major reason why we need to ‘Make America Great Again’.

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