SEEMS LEGIT: World’s BIGGEST Leftist Activists Will Fact-Check ‘Fake News’

Published on December 16, 2016

Leftists gatekeepers of the ‘Real’ news. What could possibly go wrong?


OK, sure. Bring THAT up.

We’ve already shown you the compilation video mocking the honest… faithful… objective and equitable treatment of both parties by the news. We’ve seen their tears, rage, and disbelief when Trump won. That’s normal for journalists, right?

We’ve seen George Stephanopoulos donate $75K to the Clinton Foundation… while (not) reporting on the Clinton scandals.

We’ve seen Jake Tapper call out Media bias. Even MSNBC’s morning show called out journalists for being ‘cheerleaders’ for Clinton. (Who can forget the ‘thrill’ another MSNBC media face had go ‘up his leg’ when Obama won?)

Google searches looked a lot different than BING searches. Especially if you were looking up anything damaging to Hillary. Pay NO attention to the close ties between the CEO of the company that OWNS Google and the Clinton campaign.

The ‘New Media’, rather than a threat to the news, is actually a threat to the COORDINATION of the news. Power concentrated in just a few hands is NOT a good thing.


You might be shocked to see just HOW concentrated that power is, and the connections that link those very few hands.

What do you get when you have the news in such few hands? You get them all singing from the same songsheet.

And now that the ‘fake news’ outrage is gaining strength… what solution are they proposing?

The same tactic that is being used to troll Conservative news and views (age-restricting them to ‘adult only’ audiences) will be turned loose on other social media outlets.

News stories will be ‘flagged’. They’re going to hire ‘independent factcheckers’.

Facebook says that if the “fact checking organizations” determine that a certain story is fake, it will get flagged as disputed and, according to the Facebook announcement, “there will be a link to the corresponding article explaining why. Stories that have been disputed may also appear lower in News Feed.”

IFCN is hosted by the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. A cursory search of the Poynter Institute website finds that Poynter’s IFCN is openly funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and the National Endowment for Democracy.

Poynter’s IFCN is also funded by the Omidyar Network, which is the nonprofit for liberal billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. The Omidyar Network has partnered with the Open Society on numerous projects and it has given grants to third parties using the Soros-funded Tides Foundation. Tides is one of the largest donors to left-wing causes in the U.S. —Breitbart

Independent fact-checkers.

Funded by Soros. Gates. Google. National Endowment for Democracy.

But ‘Independent’.

Behold the evolution of Political Correctness.

Welcome the gatekeepers of the NEW Politically-Correct News.

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