Published on December 10, 2016

Just how seriously are we taking these threats, anyway?

One of the reasons that Trump won and Hillary didn’t is that for the last 8 years, we have had (alleged) leaders who would gladly lie to the American people rather than accurately describe the current threats aligned against us.

Don’t secure the Southern Border… that’s racist. (Even when our own government tells us that terrorists are exploiting it.)

‘What difference does it make…’ that Hillary and Obama lied to us about their knowledge that Benghazi … on the anniversary of 9/11 … was a random attack over a Youtube Video.

Fort Hood is ‘workplace violence’. Riiiight. And it’s just a coincidence that ‘the Pulse’ was a gay bar targeted by a son from a Muslim family.

Mosques have been raided and were doubling as weapons depots.

Oh, that wacky Religion of Peace!

They are a religion that actually has its own theological practice allowing ‘lying to deceive your enemies’. ‘taqiyya’

If we don’t adjust our strategies to acknowledge this, we’re WIDE open to deception and attack.

So HERE are the strategies they are planning to use:

Posing as Priests and Rabbis to infiltrate churches and synagogues in order to wage jihad.

And the left doesn’t understand right’s position on immigration.

This is what some Muslims are being taught.

Isn’t it prudent to be cautious?

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