SHOCKING: Look How MUCH Hillary’s Lame Campaign Cost!

Published on December 10, 2016

Hillary’s going to need a good stiff drink or five after seeing how much it cost her to lose!

Perhaps Hillary will be drinking from a new beer stein:


It’s got to be taking its toll on Hillary.

She just keeps losing again and again.

Hillary spent more than any other Presidential candidate, doubling the spending of rival Donald Trump:

Hillary Clinton and her allies spent a record high $1.2 billion during the campaign, which resulted in a loss to Donald Trump, who spent approximately $600 million with his allies, the New York Post reported Friday.

In the final weeks of the campaign, from Oct. 20 past the election to Nov. 28, Trump had spent $94.5 million while Clinton spent $131.8 million.

Clinton was left with only $839,000 on hand after the election while Trump still had $7.6 million.

Trump spent $66 million out of his own pocket after saying on the campaign trail he may spend up to $100 million of his own money.

Trump had said that it was unnecessary to spend $1 billion or more to win the election, the Post noted.
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And again, Trump was right!


Hillary’s campaign spent $1.2 billion.

Do you realize how much a billion dollars is?

Here is a helpful graphic:


All the consultants, the social media presence, the PR teams, the hair and make-up:



Do us all a favor and find some cash to pay the hair and makeup people!

The Clintons were counting on the Presidential gig to keep their Clinton Foundation slush-fund going.

Since she lost the Election, things aren’t going so well for the Clinton Foundation.

It seems that you must maintain a business model to keep a business going. In this instance, if there’s no ‘play’, the donors aren’t going to ‘pay’.

What was the return on the Clinton Foundation Donor’s investment?


Hillary is now just a former Senator that lost to both Obama and Donald Trump.

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